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What is MakerCamp?
Maker Campってなに?

MakerCamp is a barcamp style event for makers, hackers, and DIYers.

Maker Campとは、モノヅクリをする人やハッカー、そしてDIY愛好者のためのバーキャンプ形式のイベントです。

Attendees have control over the topics, discussions and projects. Simply write your idea into a time slot on our schedule.
Attendees are then free to choose what topics to sit in on. As the person who wrote the topic, you serve as host, but are not obliged to have a prepared presentation.
Evening sessions will be longer, to allow for projects to be built, ideas to be tried out or prototyped, collaboration to happen and classes to be taught.
If you are not leading a discussion or a maker project, you are free to move from room to room.
At MakerCamp, we take rapid-fire discussion by mix Japanese and English, So we welcome to choose which language you want to use.

また、Maker Campでは日本語も英語も飛び交っていますので、どちらの言葉を話していただいても大歓迎です!


What is a Bar Camp?

A bar camp is a conference style event with one key difference: The attendees decide the topics and schedule.
YOU make up the content of the event. You write your topic ideas into the schedule. You host your own topics. You participate more fully in the event experience.

つまり、”アナタ”がイベントの内容をつくることができるのです! あなたが持ってきたアイデアをトピックとして会場にあるスケジュール表の空きスロットに書き込み、”あなたのアイデア”の議論を進行役としてリードしてください。積極的に参加することがバーキャンプを楽しむ秘訣です!

What is a Hackathon?

At a hackathon, attendees are challenged to build something in a short period of time. It exercises your ability to create a team quickly, collaborate, and produce a prototype in just a few hours.
Our event differs slightly, in that we do not impose a theme on you. It is our hope that from the morning and afternoon barcamp sessions, you will create your own themes and projects. Our event is not a competition.


What is MONO?

MONO is a startup incubation space on the 14th floor of the Telecom Center in Odaiba. Here you can rent a desk for your fledgling business, receive business and financial counseling from professional consultants, and start your business with all the support you need.
MONO also provides a fabrication space, which includes 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC mill, injection casting machine and an electronics bench.


What is Tokyo HackerSpace?

What MONO is to new business, THS is to the hobbyist. We provide a garage style work space on the west side of Tokyo (in Nogizaka) for geeks and makers to meet, collaborate, and learn from each other. We are a club house / workshop / classroom.


What about lunch?

During the morning registration period, we will accept orders for 500 yen bento boxes. These will arrive at lunch time and you may eat at Mono. Don't miss out on any of the social times!
You are also welcome to bring your own packed lunch to the event. Finally, there are many vending machines, convenience stores and restaurants in and around the Telecom Center building.


What will be provided for the Hackathon sessions?

It is our hope that you come with your own ideas, and some of the supplies you will need to complete them.
However, you will have access to tools, additional supplies, and a co-op 'Akihabara run.'


● MONO will run classes in the hardware lab during the morning and afternoon sessions. You will then be able to use the 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machine for your projects. The electronics bench will also be available.

● Some members of THS will run circuits and electronics classes in the sessions as well, where you may learn to solder (additional fees for kit materials may apply) .

● ConoHa will be giving away 3000 yen/3 month coupons for virtual linux cloud servers to each attendee. You can use these for your projects.
ConoHa VPSの3000円クーポン(Linuxの仮想サーバを約3ヶ月利用可能)が全ての参加者に配布されます。あなたはクポーンを利用して、ConoHA VPSをプロジェクトの為に使用することが出来ます。

● THS and some of the sponsors may bring additional materials for you to use. We can not confirm at this time what this may be. It depends on our sponsors.

● During the lunch hour, we will ask if anyone would like to place an order for parts. You can check the websites of popular stores in Akihabara. We will collect your money, and some of our members will dash to Akihabara to make your purchases and return during the afternoon. You are also free to come and go as you please. Akihabara is not far. Also, you are free to come with us to help in the shopping ;)

What about language problems?

Please use whatever language you are most comfortable with. But also please try to be adventurous. Do not shy away from a topic because it is not your native language. Let's become more international through technology and maker culture!
If you have skills with language, please consider offering translation assistance to those who need it.


How many 'rooms' will there be?

The floor plan of MONO is mostly open. The main floor will be divided into two sections. In addition, the hardware lab is it's own room. So, there will be three main spaces for talks and presentations. However, we also have a small conference room available.


What should I do before I come?

First, and most importantly, register. We have limited space. If we run out of spaces, check back often to see if there is a cancellation.
Second, think about some topics you would like to talk about, things you can teach others, things you'd like to learn, and most importantly, things you'd like to make.


What should I bring?

It is usually helpful but not necessary to bring a laptop computer.
Bring an open mind, and a few ideas of your own!


What should I do when I get there?

Sign in and get your badge. Write one idea you are most passionate about on your badge.
Check out the schedule board. If you have an idea for a topic discussion, write it in an open time slot. Be sure to be ready to start your session at the time selected.
Start some conversations by asking about the idea written on someone's badge.


The Schedule

The following schedule is subject to change:

Welcome 10:00 - 10:30 受付(ようこそ!)

Chat, Plan, Inspire (AM)

10:30 - 11:00 Slot 1
11:05 - 11:35 Slot 2
11:40 - 12:10 Slot 3

Lunch Break 12:10 - 13:00 お昼休憩

Chat, Plan, Inspire (PM)

13:00 - 13:30 Slot 4
13:35 - 14:05 Slot 5
14:10 - 14:40 Slot 6

Learn, Make, Play

14:50 - 15:50 Hour slot 1
15:55 - 16:55 Hour slot 2
17:00 - 18:00 Hour slot 3
18:05 - 19:05 Hour slot 4

クロージング(おわりの会 と お掃除)

19:10 - 19:30 Closing
19:30 - 20:00 Clean up

Accessing MONO

From Tokyo Telecom Center station ticket gates:

Turn left to exit the train station.
Pass the stairs, and take the sky walk to the Telecom Center Building.
Enter the building. Past the reception desk turn left.
Cross the plaza to the East tower.
Go to the ‘Staff Only’ elevators (don’t worry. It is ok!)
Take the elevator to the 14th floor.

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